with Master Nona Castro

August 27 & 28, 2022

"Energy can affect your body and your health. It can affect you psychologically, spiritually and financially" – MCKS


Kriyashakti is a sanskrit word which means “using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane”. Material abundance gives us the freedom to pursue our spiritual goals. Kriyashakti teaches the student the proper ways to harness the power of thoughts, subtle energies and the auric field to create a life of prosperity and success both materially and spiritually.

Some of the topics and techniques covered in Kriyashakti Course are:


All the techniques will be practiced during the course.
Some of the Powerful Principles & "Hands On" Techniques:

  • Five Principle of Success and Prosperity:

    1. Principle of inner purification

    2. Principle of Abundance

    3. Principle of Materialization

    4. Principle of Success

    5. Principle of Moderation

  • Inner Kriyashakti
    Learn at least 7 effective ways of Creating Powerful Thought Forms. Thought Forms act as our psychic assistants in the energy world so that we can manifest them in the material world. In ancient times, thought forms have been referred as "genies".

  • Prosperity Meditations
    The student will be able to get rid of the old lingering negative programming which may be carried from childhood and will be simultaneously create a network of powerful thought forms interlaced inside the aura so that prosperity and wealth can be continuously attracted, even during sleeping.

  • Power of Spoken Words
    Learn to harness the Power of the Spoken Words in order to accelerate the manifestation of his/her thoughts and wishes!

  • Secret Hand Gestures(Mudras)
    Learn how to use Secret Hand Gestures (mudras) and Eye Positions which were known known only to high level magicians of ancient times to make thoughts physicalize faster. Crucial information will be given about a critical mudra which SHOULD NOT be used as it dematerializes the Thought Forms! Many spiritual practitioners are suffering unnecessarily because this teaching has not been available to them. Learn this priceless secret!

  • Blue Triangle technique
    A priceless technique will be taught to trap and destroy negative Thought Forms and effects of psychic attacks.

  • Power of money in Spirituality
    Learn how to harness the power of money and abundance to accelerate his/her spiritual development! This is indeed a priceless teaching that will assist many spiritual practitioners!

  • Concretizing Meditation
    Learn how to practice a special "Concretizing Meditation" to quickly and systematically precipitate a thought or idea into physical form. This has been used by multimillionaires and heads of great organizations to achieve great wealth and massive success. Use it for your projects!

  • Disintegrate
    Learn how to disintegrate self-sabotaging thought forms, prosperity guilt and poverty consciousness located in critical areas of his/her aura. Students have experienced immense relief and freedom after this powerful exercise.

  • Principle of Moderation and Accumulation
    The Principle of Moderation and Accumulation which is used by the Asia's Super Rich to accumulate & retain wealth for generations will be revealed.

  • The science of Tithing and Entitlement
    The student will gain extensive knowledge on where to give first and where to give last. The sequence allows the student to systematically create his/her own good luck. A simple technique to Generate Prosperous Karma to entitle the student to Prosperity and Abundance will be taught.

  • Prosperity Chakra
    Learn how to locate and activate the Prosperity Chakra and to be more practical and grounded. This also makes the person more magnetic to Prosperity and Success Energies.

  • And much, much more ...

"The condition of your chakras affect your prosperity...
When you change the Inner World, you change the physical world."  
- Master Choa Kok Sui


MCKS Kriyashakti with Master Nona Castro

HYBRID CLASS – Online via zoom instruction with in person Vancouver class
Location: Vancouver downtown

Date: August 27 & 28, 2022

Fee: $700 | Repeat Students: $230

Prerequisite:  Advanced Pranic Healing & Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul
                           or Arhatic Prep

Registration is open for British Columbia residents.