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MCKS Spiritual Essence of Man
with Master Nona

Saturday Feb 10th, 2024

The Spiritual Essence of Man is a unique and powerful spiritual course that reveals the true nature of man and leads to the experience of the divine essence within your chakras and your aura. This class explains the ancient roots of the Tree of Life that is described in the Kabbalistic, Hindu and Egyptian inner spiritual schools.

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"What is this inverted tree of life? It is you, not you the body, but you the soul. This root is rooted upward into the unknown. What is this unknown? The unknown is the higher soul, the atma, ultimately to the paramatma."

- Master Choa Kok Sui

Man is far beyond the physical existence; even beyond the emotions and the mind. Spiritual Essence of Man is a unique and powerful spiritual workshop to experience the divine essence within one`s chakras and energy bodies. The spiritual practitioner is offered a way to connect with his/her true nature!

As the world reels feverishly from socio-economic and political turmoil, Master Choa Kok Sui draws from the wellspring of the Tree of Life. With incisive simplicity, he offers very practical and in many instances, provocative answers to the seemingly complex problems of our time. The spiritual practitioner will be empowered with deeper knowledge and practices once divulged only to inner disciples of Egyptian and Indian Mystery Schools! Krishna's Teachings on the Inverted Tree of Life and the Upanishad's Tree of Eternity will be taught.

Some of the topics covered in Spiritual Essence of Man Course are:

  • Never before publicly revealed correspondences of the Spiritual Anatomy (chakras and auras) in the traditions of Taoism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Sanskrit, Acupuncture, and Egyptian Mystery Schools.

  • Secrets of the "Triple Cross" and how it can activate ones's chakras and to energize one's subtle bodies.

  • Use of the Keter Sephira for Spiritual Healings.

  • Direct correspondence of the Lord's Prayer in the Kabbalistic and Egyptian Tree of Life.

  • The "I AM" Meditation on your Pineal Gland!

  • Discover your Buddha nature & spiritual fetus and experience the divine Essence within.


After Spiritual Essence of Man course you should be able to:

  • Know your spiritual anatomy

  • Use the symbols such as the “Triple Cross” to activate your chakras

  • Use the Lord’s Prayer meditation to activate and transform your chakras

  • Practice the "I AM" meditation


It is highly important for anyone in the spiritual path to know their true essence and their spiritual anatomy. Spirituality is a science. By knowing the qualities and characteristics of your chakras and subtle bodies and means of activating and transforming them, you can get empowered and transformed. Spiritual Essence of Man Course in this case, shows you the road map and provides you with proper techniques to reach there.

Spiritual Essence of Man

Date: Saturday February 10th, 2024 – all day (9am – 7pm)


1133 Hastings St W.  Vancouver

Fee: $200 New Students l Repeats $100

Prerequisite:  Basic Pranic Healing

Registration closes Sunday Feb 4, 2024

For more information contact Iris at

Should you be looking for a car ride to the hotel or a roommate to share rooms with, please contact Iris at

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