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How to Prepare for the Meditation

Before the meditation do these simple exercises to help open up
the major joints in the body so the energy can flow.

To avoid congestion it's important to do these exercises
before and after the meditation.

1  - Eye Exercise
Rotate your eyes only in a big circle around the room -12 times each direction

2  - Neck Exercise

Turn your head side to side -12 times

3  - Shoulder Exercise

Rotate your shoulders in each direction -12 times

4  - Elbow & Finger Exercise

Bend elbows and flick your fingers -12 times

5  - Wrist Exercise

Rotate wrists to the right -12 times , then to the left -12 times

6  - Trunk Exercise

Keeping your hips facing straight, rotate the upper torso left and right -12 times

7  - Hip Exercise

Rotate hips to right -12 times, then to the left -12 times

8 - Knee Exercise

Bend right knee -12 times, then left knee -12 times

9  - Feet Exercise

Point the right foot up & down -12 times, then the left foot -12 times

Rotate right angle to the right -12 times, then to the left -12 times

Rotate left ankle to the right -12 times, then to left -12 times

10  - Semi-Squats

50 times

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