Spiritual Business Management

Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing | Fee: $500 | Repeat Students: $200


About the Course

This innovative workshop uses a revolutionary approach for the success and financial prosperity of businesses giving a modern and friendly image to management. At the same time this course is priceless for the everyday people interested in managing their lives - giving a deeper understanding of life's situations and relationships. By using energy and spiritual laws, the realization of plans and projects and overall implementation of labour relations can be made easier. A positive organizational environment, increased worker productivity and good return on investment can be created. Through the use of simple meditation techniques you will develop a sharp mind, increasing the capacity to make accurate decisions and take care of critical business situations.

  • This course also teaches how to handle situations that generate stress in the workplace, allowing employees to instantly recharge physically and mentally

  • Attendees will be given quick practical tips to remove "stress and tension energy" which results in strength, confidence, clarity of goals and dynamism to handle business situations

  • Learn about techniques used to bridge the gap between management and the workforce, gain mutual respect, develop stronger relationships, enhance efficiency and increase productivity

This workshop is practical and well-structured. While the core teachings are based on ancient spiritual and esoteric principles, its concise, innovative and effective approach to corporate management is tailored and made relevant for the modern world.