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Angels Workshop
with Master Nona
Sunday February 11th, 2024

"In the near future, Healing Angels and healers will be more actively cooperating to produce dramatic or miraculous healing on a wider scale."


Master Choa Kok Sui

Miracles Through Pranic Healing

Angels workshop with Master Nona

Deepen your understanding of the angelic realm.


Learn about nature spirits, the three kingdoms of nature: human, elemental, and angelic, 


The angelic kingdom in the higher key of angels, their functions and  offices 


The way the Hierarchy  of Angels helps us 


How to work with the angelic ground to support: 

  • Healing 

  • Our lives 

  • Our workspaces

  • Our environment

  • and other important causes


This is a special opportunity to experience the beautiful Archangels Meditation, and to be aware of the powerful presence of archangels Uriel Rafael, Michael and Gabriel for healing, help and protection.

"Our work begins in this realm with a passion that you cannot imagine. We have an ocean of knowledge, information, poetry, images, and wisdom to convey, to help the dilemma of your culture and people on your planet. It is our reason for existence. The angels are here. Their reason for existence is to love and to keep loving."

~ Interview with an Angel. Steven J Thayer

Angels Workshop with Master Nona
Date: Sunday February 11th, 2024 - all day (9am – 7pm)


1133 Hastings St. W.   Vancouver

Suggested Donation $ 200

Prerequisite:  Basic Pranic Healing (or a serious interest in esoteric studies)

Registration closes Sunday Feb 4, 2024

For more information contact Iris at

Should you be looking for a car ride to the hotel or a roommate to share rooms with, please contact Iris at

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